Our Art Exhibition on the Ghats of Varanasi (India)

My personal card in 3 color version
View of my "Potaines"
I use the clay pots so common here in Varanasi, and I just paint them and varnish so they are pretty delicate...
Exhibition poster. Front view of my "Potaines" and general view of our exhibition.
My last "Potaines"
Nataraj & Mudra paintings. The first also Sold out! Remember u can click on the images to enlarge them!
One of my last paintings "Siva Sakti"

The local press of the city came to make us and interview. We appeared on the local television and also there was a short new talking about us. In the photo, interviewing to the organizator of the exhibition, the photographer Pawan, and on white clothes, his Guru-Ji who exhibited his art using coconuts (at the background)